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Londen is an 11 year old entreprenuer who is very kind hearted and happy. She started collecting bracelets and was wearing them as an essential part of her daily outfit. She then took a liking to not only the bracelets, but also fancy sneakers that her mom wasn't interested in making the investment for. So Londen decided to make bracelets and allow others to enjoy the different designs and allow her to make money to purchase those fancy shoes that she enjoys, so it was a win/win situation for both her customers and herself.

Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Checkout this interview on mix 94.5 with our Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Jennea Klingenberg. She discusses what Seasonal Affective Disorder is,  the warning signs, and what you can do if you feel like you might be suffering from SAD. As always it is very informative! 

Thank you Tommy from MIX 94.5 for helping me create the PSA for H.O.Y.C.E.'s Gift Drive. You all are the best and we thank the whole team at MIX 94.5 for all of the support you have given us for this event.



The HOYCE Center is proud to announce our annual Back to School Kickoff events, aimed at supporting students as they prepare for the upcoming school year. This year, we are excited to give away a total of 600 backpacks filled with essential school supplies—400 backpacks will be distributed in Champaign County, and 200 in Chicago.

To ensure every student receives a comprehensive support package, we are assembling stress kits to help manage the pressures of the school year. However, we need your help to make this possible! We are currently in need of stress balls to include in these kits, as well as additional school supplies.

How You Can Contribute

1. Donate Items: If you have stress balls or school supplies to donate, please reach out to us at or call 312-448-8471. Your contributions will directly benefit the students in our community.

2. Monetary Donations: Prefer to make a financial contribution? Your monetary donations will enable us to purchase the necessary items to fill the backpacks. Donations can be made by clicking here.

Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us ensure that each student starts the school year equipped with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Your support is crucial in helping us reach our goal and make a positive impact on our community.

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Contact Information:

• Phone: 312-448-8471

About the HOYCE Center

The HOYCE Center is dedicated to providing resources and support to our community, with a focus on youth education and development. Our Back to School Kickoff events are part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed academically and personally.

Join us in making a difference and helping our students thrive!

Feel free to edit any part of the description to better suit your needs.

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